Yar Hot Food Platters

Spring Rolls and Dumplings: 30 pieces
Homemade pork and chicken pan fried dumplings, served with a soy, vinegar sauce.
Homemade spring rolls with pork and chicken served with a light sweet chilli sauce.

Seafood Trio: 30 pieces

Takoyaki: Deep fried Japanese dumpling balls with diced octopus pieces, served with teriyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise.
Crumbed Crab Claw: Crumbed crab claw lightly fried golden brown, served with a creamy dipping sauce.
Prawn Purse: Spicy prawn wrapped in pastry, served with a homemade sweet chilli.

Mixed Platter of Prawn, Calamari and Vegetable Tempura: 30 pieces
Lightly battered prawn, calamari and vegetable tempura, served
with a light soy, mirin sauce.

Prawn and Crab Shumai: 30 pieces
A mixed platter of steamed prawn dumplings and crab dumplings
served with a light soy.

Vegetarian Platter: 30 pieces
An assortment of agedashi tofu, vegetarian spring rolls and assorted vegetable tempura served with a light soy.

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*Each platter @ $65.00 each

If you wish to modify some of our suggestions,
please contact us

Yar Cold Food Platters

Tempura Prawn Roll : 25 pieces
Lightly battered prawns with cucumber,
wasabi mayo wrapped in soy paper.

Soft Shell Crab Roll: 25 pieces
Yar’s signature dish: mouthwatering soft shell crab with chilli mayo, cucumber and tobiko (small fish roe)
wrapped in delicate soy paper.

Smoked Salmon Rice Paper Roll: 30 pieces
An all around favourite: smoked salmon with finely sliced vegetables wrapped in rice paper, served with a delicious creamy dipping sauce.

Teriyaki Tofu Rice Paper Roll: 30 pieces
Teriyaki tofu with finely sliced vegetables and sweet potato noodles wrapped in rice paper, served with a creamy dipping sauce.

Assorted Sushi Rolls: 50 pieces
An assortment of sushi rolls: salmon and avocado, california, cooked tuna, crispy chicken and vegetarian served with a light soy.

Vegetarian Platter: 40 pieces
An assortment of Seaweed Salad,
Teriyaki Tofu Rice Paper Rolls
and Vegetarian Californian Sushi Rolls

*Each platter @ $65.00 each